Free Report: Investing in Business Wellbeing

Investing in Business Wellbaing Cover

Empirical research shows that wellbeing is a prerequisite for sustaining success in people and their workplaces, not simply a happy benefit or byproduct. 

Yet many human resource managers and executives may not be aware of this reliable and emerging evidence base or fail to take full advantage.

When people feel happy, engaged and purposeful at work they typically do far better and are more committed than those who do not.

This contributes to a more positive, thriving and sustainable business. Research on the relationship between individual and organisational wellbeing and performance reveals that employee wellbeing leads to workplace engagement, which increases productivity, resulting in better business outcomes and profit. When leaders can create a positive culture that promotes wellbeing, these outcomes are magnified.

While often seen as an expense, an investment in people’s wellbeing is actually an asset. As a guide, every dollar spent on promoting wellbeing in individuals and the organisation as a whole yields a return of approximately five dollars.

This brief report shows that investing in wellbeing makes good strategic and financial sense.