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Free White Paper: Diversity in the Boardroom



Leveraging talent at the top for greater innovation and success.

The demand for diversity at board level is growing. We want more women, younger people, and a greater diversity of thinking to navigate today's complex business environments.

This white paper unpacks some of the key issues affecting boardroom diversity to help boards select, support and leverage a wider range of talent and ideas. It brings together the latest research on boards with approaches from neuroscience, emotional intelligence and positive psychology.

You will learn:

  • Why diversity on boards is important and what kind.
  • Challenges and barriers boards face around diversity including our brain’s leaning toward unconscious bias.
  • Why emotional intelligence is a key capability for board members.
  • Four critical success factors to leverage talent and improve board performance.
Plus a range of recommendations and quick wins to get more women and diverse talent on board.

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